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Without crafts and games, a birthday party would be boring! Games and activities get everyone involved. There are games, activities and crafts that you can do during the party as well as those you that can give as favors.

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Classic birthday party games include many variations Pin The Tail On the Donkey such as Pin the Eyepatch on the Pirate and Pin the Crown on the Princess. The Beanbag Toss and Ring Toss are also games that are made to fit many theme parties. Of course no party is complete without a race! Potato sack races and relays always get the kids excited.

Activites that you can incorporate into your party include coloring, face painting, crafting and making balloon animals. We have all of the supplies you need to keep the kids busy and give them something special to take home as a keepsake.

Kids have the most fun when they get the chance to pretend. When it comes to a themed party, it is always a great idea to have them play the part. For a princess party, they can dress up in princess costumes and wear tiaras. For a pirate party, eye patches and inflatable swords make for high seas adventure. There are all kinds of props and costume accessories you can get here to enable children to use their imaginations. This will be the highlight of the party, aside from singing "Happy Birthday" and eating cake.

Whether they are boys or girls, preschoolers or tweens, we have fun crafts, games and activities for all of them.