Cake Pans

You can't have a birthday party without a birthday cake. Make sure the birthday child has the cake of his or her dreams by baking it yourself in one of these fun themed cake pans. Wilton cake pans come in all kinds of fun shapes to make cakes that look like animals, vehicles, cartoon characters, and more. Use a box of cake mix or your own favorite cake recipe and bake the cake in one of these special pans.

  • Skull Tube Cake Pan (Each)

    Skull Tube Cake Pan (Each)

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  • These pans are designed so that the cake bakes upside down. The bottom of the pan is a three-dimensional mold so that when the cake is done you flip it over and out of the pan the top of the cake has that shape. Use frosting to color and decorate the cake, following the easy instructions that are included. In no time you'll have a fun, delicious cake shaped like a monkey, football, firetruck, or Dora the Explorer.

    It's easy to make your own themed cake that tastes great and looks awesome. Because you made it yourself you'll know exactly what ingredients were used. The birthday child can even help bake and decorate the cake. Have exactly the cake you want--something that matches the party supplies, decorations, and theme, not to mention really suits the birthday child. Just pick up one of these fun novelty cake pans and let the party begin.