Solid Balloons

Balloons make any birthday party or celebration extra special. Getting a couple of themed balloons will really tie the decorations together, but solid color balloons are an inexpensive way to really fill up the room. Solid color balloons come in round latex or shaped Mylar. They are shipped flat, so if you want them to float you'll need to get a tank of helium.

  • Light Up LED 12" Balloons (5 Pack)

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  • Pink Mylar #1 Balloon (each)

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  • Brilliant Balloons 12" Latex Balloons (8 Pack)

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  • Premium Assorted Latex 36" Balloons (6 Pack)

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  • Premium Latex 36" Balloons (6 Pack)

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  • Latex balloons come in multi-packs in your choice of one of fourteen colors. Pick black or white for a muted look if you are decorating a formal event. Choose bright, flashy colors to brighten up a room for a party. Get them in several colors and make colorful bunches. Latex balloons expand to about 11 inches and are so inexpensive you can really fill a room with them.

    Mylar, or foil balloons, are large, heavy-weight balloons. In addition to the themed ones, they also come in 20" thirteen colors of stars, 34" number ones, and 44" silver numbers zero through nine. Surround a star with latex balloons in complementary colors or surround a themed balloon with stars. The large number ones come in silver, pink, or blue, and are perfect for a first birthday party. Pick up the huge silver numerals to make a balloon bouquet for any birthday.

    It's not a celebration without festive balloons. Make bunches of colored balloons to float around the room, and don't forget the ribbon and balloon weights, too.