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Balloons - those joyous, colorful, lighter than air orbs of delight that bring smiles to everyone. What would a birthday party be without balloons as part of the decoration? We sell themed balloons, solid latex balloons, balloon games and kits and accessories. Used in combinations and coordinating colors, you can create everything from a centerpiece to a balloon animal to a party favor.

Both solid and themed balloons and come in the shapes of characters, stars, hearts, numbers and printed patterns. The ones that are made of Mylar come in shapes and Latex balloons are your traditional round style. Mylar is a very sturdy material that, once inflated with helium, holds its shape and stay inflated for several days. Since Mylar theme balloons are more expensive than Latex, we suggest that you use one or two Mylar styles that match your theme, then embellish your balloon bouquet with solid colored latex choices.

With Latex balloons you can create everything from a simple and understated look to a vibrant rainbow of color. It doesn’t matter whether you are old or young, male or female because birthday parties and balloons go hand-in-hand.

You can buy them separately or in kits to match your theme. Please note that we sell everything you need except for the helium. Add a little pop to your child's birthday party with balloons from Birthday in a Box.