Valentine's Day School Party

Valentine's Day School Party Ideas

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Plan a sweet school Valentine's Day party for your child's class with our Valentine's Day Classroom Party Ideas! We have included activities for a range of ages and class sizes plus kids Valentine classroom games and Valentine party supplies.

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Party Preparation

Party Flyer for Parents:

You or the classroom teacher should send an email invitation or a flyer home with each child at least two weeks in advance of the Valentine party if you will need any of the following for the party:
  • Cash donations to offset the cost of the party
  • Donations of party food, craft supplies, or decorations
  • If the students should bring Valentine cards to school that day for every classmate
  • Parent volunteers at the party

Planning Your School Valentine's Day Party:

Decide on the order of the school Valentine's Day activities, and have at least one easy backup game prepared in case you need to fill time. When planning the party you will need to consider:
  • Number of Children in the Class: If you have a group of 12 or more students, you may consider setting up activity stations at which you can do a Valentine craft or activity with a manageable number of children (i.e. 6 to 8). For example, a class of 21 should be divided into three groups. Start by having the whole class play a Valentine's game like Hugs & Kisses, and then break the class into groups of seven to rotate between three station activities.
  • Age of the Children: This consideration is most important when selecting crafts. Preschool children should be given simple crafts without any objects that could potentially be choking hazards.
  • Length of the Party: For a two hour party, you might plan one active group game such as Hugs & Kisses, a couple of Valentine craft stations such as our Valentine's Mouse Craft and Edible Friendship Bracelets activity, and a game station with Candy Relay and Breathless. If you're serving party food, make sure you also set aside 15 to 30 minutes for this portion of the Valentine's Day party.
  • Size of the Party Area: Make sure you have enough space for all of the activities you want to set up. If you plan more activities than your classroom has space for, consider which games and crafts can be quickly set up and broken down.

Decorating & Food Ideas

School Valentine's Day Party Decorations

Ask the teacher ahead of time which of these Valentine party decorating ideas will work in the classroom:
  • Cut hearts from pink, white and red construction paper to hang throughout the Valentine's Day party area. Older children may cut out their own Valentine hearts. To make each heart, fold a piece of paper in half. Cut a half heart along the fold. When you open the paper you will have a perfectly symmetrical heart. Allow your students to decorate the hearts with crayons, markers, stickers, glitter glue, and other decorations. Send the hearts home with the children as keepsakes.
  • Push desks together into larger tables and cover them with a red or pink plastic table cover. Scatter the tables with Valentine candies, stickers, and confetti.
  • Tie pairs of heart balloons to the edges of the chalkboard, teacher's desk, etc.
  • Twist together strands of red and white crepe paper streamers and hang them from the ceiling.
  • Tape red latex balloons along the door frame leading into the classroom to create a balloon arch for the children to walk through. You can also hang streamers from the top of the doorway so your guests have to walk through them to get inside.
  • If the teacher plans on teaching the same day as the party, use red chalk or markers on the chalkboard or whiteboard.
  • Play background music of songs that fit the theme such as the Valentine's theme song to Beauty and the Beast and "Be My Valentine" by Jack Hartmann.

School Valentine's Day Party Food

Keep in mind what resources will be available in the classroom during the Valentine party when you plan what food to bring. Party food that can be prepared in advance and served at room temperature works best for a school Valentine's Day party. Consider serving cookies, candy, popcorn, and fruit & veggies. You may also want to order pizza if your party will be around lunchtime.

You should also be sure to ask parents for any food allergies their child might have when planning on what food to bring to the school Valentine party. Send out the information to other parents if you plan on accepting food donations.
  • Hand out red, white and pink paper cups for students to decorate. Once the cups are decorated and dry, let students store their Valentine candy and other party treats in their cups.
  • Make delicious, heart-shaped cookies with our Linzer Hearts recipe and a heart-shaped cookie cutter. (Recipe makes 48 cookies.)
  • Make Valentine party sandwiches by cutting sandwiches with cookie cutters in the shape of hearts and flowers.
  • Valentine party cupcakes are an easy treat to serve to a classroom full of children. Frost with pink icing and add one heart shaped candy on top.
  • Pick up different kinds of Valentine's candies from your local grocery or drug store, such as conversation hearts, heart-shaped lollipops, and Hershey's Kisses (or other inexpensive chocolates).
  • Serve red and pink drinks like fruit punch, strawberry milk, and pink lemonade.
  • Use our Valentine's Party Supplies to serve food.

Party Favor Ideas

School Valentine's Day Party Favors

Here are some Valentine's Day favor ideas your class will love! You don't have to spend a lot of money to make each student feel special.
  • Take your time writing Valentine's cards for each student. Make each card unique so everyone feels special.
  • Attach a heart shaped lollipop to each Valentine's Day card.
  • Give each student a heart pencil, eraser and stickers along with a small piece of candy.
  • Instead of Secret Santa, have each student bring a small $5 gift for their Secret Valentine. Let everyone open their gifts together at the party and then try to guess each other's Secret Valentine.
  • Ask the children to decorate a shoebox during the party. The shoebox should have their name on it and a large slot on the lid. At the end of the party, ask everyone to put each other's Valentine's Day cards in each other's shoeboxes.
  • Check out our personalized items such as zipper pulls, stickers, bag tags and more!

Party Planning Toolbox

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Games and Activities


Children will be passing the love down the line with this tissue paper heart race.

All Paired Up

Players will be searching frantically for the "perfect match" in this game.

Candy Relay

Give your guests a palatable challenge by having them race to unwrap their candy.

Stop in the Name of Love

Check out this Valentine's version of "Hot Potato" that's great for younger children.

Who's My Valentine?

Children can test their knowledge of cartoon couples with this fun quiz.

For You, Valentine

Give the kids the opportunity to make Valentines for their loved ones.

Blinded by Love

In this simple-yet-fun game, children must draw hearts while blindfolded.

Hugs & Kisses

Partygoers will have a blast playing this Valentine's version of Simon Says.

Let Me Count the Ways

Fill a jar with candy, and let the kids try to guess how many pieces are inside.

Valentine's Mouse

Children can create a heart-shaped friend with this fun craft.

Valentine's Word Find

This activity is great as a competitive game, time filler or cool-down activity.

Edible Friendship Bracelet Craft

Partygoers can make edible bracelets out of licorice and candy with this fun food craft.

Valentine's Coloring Page

The children can decorate our printable Valentine's coloring sheet.

Sweet Shoppe Bingo

Get ready to win with the sweetest game of bingo you've ever seen!