Valentine’s Day School Party

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Plan a sweet school Valentine’s Day party for your child’s class with our Valentine’s Day Classroom Party Ideas! We have included activities for a range of ages and class sizes plus kids Valentine classroom games and Valentine party supplies.

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Here are some things you should consider when planning your classroom Valentine’s Day party:

Party Planning

Two weeks before your classroom party, send out an announcement letting the parents know the details of the event. Some important details to include are:

• Cash contributions
• What to bring i.e. food, party supplies, decorations
• Class size reminder
• Request for volunteers

1. How many children will be there?
2. How old are the children?
3. How long with the party last?

Make sure to plan your activities, crafts, and games ahead of time so the day goes smoothly. Your party activities should be age appropriate for the class and you should have enough for the kids to do to last the whole party. Don´t forget to leave time to enjoy all of the snacks and treats!


When transforming your classroom for the party, make sure to include decorations that are pink, red, white and maybe a little sparkly to coordinate with the theme. Don’t forget to stock up on tape, tacks, pins and anything else you might need to set up the decorations. Here are some decoration ideas for the party:

  • Decorate the door to your classroom in a themed way that sets the tone of the bash.
  • Paint empty mason jars different shades of red, white, and pink and fill them with flowers to make beautiful centerpieces.
  • Make the flowers yourself using tissue paper.
  • Dangle fluffies and honeycomb decorations from the ceiling to add to the festiveness of the environment.
  • Hang a banner that wishes all attendees of the party a Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Create your own hanging decorations. Cut sheets of colored construction paper into strips and then staple the ends of each strip together. To give each piece shape of a heart, staple it to the heart above it. The top heart should be attached to a single strip that connects the hanging decoration the ceiling.
    Check out our Pinterest board to see clever and creative ways to decorate!


Foods that can be prepared in advance and served at room temperature work best for a school Valentine’s Day party. Be sure to plan a menu that accommodates any student with dietary restrictions or allergies. Don’t forget the tableware, cups and utensils! Here are food ideas for your party:

 We pinned some of our favorite Valentine’s recipes, so check out our board!

Valentines & Valentine’s Mailboxes

The students are going to need a mailbox to collect all of their Valentines. Although the boxes can be done in advance crafting a mailbox is a great party activity. Here are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day mailbox tutorials:

Valentine’s Day cards should be ready to deliver on the day of the party. For Valentines on a budget, you can download printable designs or make your own. If you have time to make your own, here are some creative ideas:

  • In addition to your card include a personalized lollipop with the recipient’s name.
  • Include a ruler and a card that says, “You rule!”
  • Give friends a bag of goldfish with a note that says, “I’m glad we’re in the same school!”
  • Print out pictures of different kinds of dinosaurs and write, “You are dino-mite!”
  • Add a friendship bracelet to each child’s Valentine’s Day card.

See our Pinterest Board for a lot of cute and clever DIY Valentines and boxes!

 Games and Activities

Candy Relay –

Give your guests a palatable challenge by having them race to unwrap their candy.

All Paired Up –

Players will be searching frantically for the “perfect match” in this game.

Who’s My Valentine? –

Children can test their knowledge of cartoon couples with this fun quiz.

Stop in the Name of Love –

Check out this Valentine’s version of “Hot Potato” that’s great for younger children.

Valentine’s Word Find –

This activity is great as a competitive game, time filler or cool-down activity.

Sweet Shoppe Bingo –

Get ready to win with the sweetest game of bingo you’ve ever played!

Party Crafts

Decide on the order of the school Valentine’s Day activities, and have at least one easy backup game prepared in case you need to fill time. Here are some suggestions for possible crafts and activities for your celebration:


Valentine’s Coloring Page –

The children can decorate our printable Valentine’s coloring sheet.

Edible Friendship Bracelet –

Partygoers can make edible bracelets out of licorice and candy with this fun food craft.

Heart Keepsake Boxes –

The children can decorate their own heart-shaped keepsake boxes.

Heart Sachets –

These heart shaped sachets are perfect for Valentine’s Day and will smell good too!

Tissue Flower –

Make flowers for your Valentine with some tissue paper.

Stained Glass Garden –

Create a sunny garden scene that is a perfect handmade Valentine!