Spring Party Ideas

Spring Party Ideas

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Ah, springtime... new growth is everywhere. Flowers start blooming, the grass and trees turn a lush shade of green - what a great time to celebrate! From easy spring crafts to fun food suggestions, you can delight your little buds with our Spring Party Ideas.

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Planning & Invitations

What Do I Need For the Party?

In addition to basic Spring themed party supplies, like plates, cups, napkins and decorations, you may want to consider purchasing, borrowing or renting the following items for your Spring party:
  • A bubble machine
  • A barbeque grill
  • A moon bounce
  • Petting zoo animals or a pony
  • Spring-themed Headbands
  • Fresh flowers
  • Picnic baskets
  • Spring-themed baking supplies
  • Wildflower and vegetable seeds
  • A pinata

Spring Party Invitation Ideas

If you have the time to make your own invitations, here are a few ideas to consider:
  • Create a flower-shaped invitation from cardstock with petals that will fold down over the center of the circle. When the petals are opened, it should resemble a blooming flower. Add the party details to the center of the flower, so the invitation is revealed with the petals are opened.
  • Cut a large oval out of yellow cardstock and a smaller oval out of black cardstock. Glue the black oval on one end of the yellow oval, overlapping the two slightly. Glue black strips of cardstock on the yellow oval so the final product resembles a bee. Add antennae, eyes, and a mouth to the bee's head. Write your party details on the back, starting with, "It's a party! Bee there!"
  • Fold a piece of green cardstock in half and decorate the front as an outdoor scene. Cut a strip of blue construction paper to glue to the top of the card for the sky, and then add butterflies, birds, flowers, trees, grass, and other things representative of spring to the scene. Write your party details inside.
  • Tie a card-style invitation to a terra cotta pot with a floral ribbon. Place a packet of flower seeds inside the pot and hand-deliver the invitations.
  • Include creative wording for your party details, such as:
The seasons are changing, Winter is gone,
If we didn't have a party, it would be wrong!
So join Kerry to usher in Spring,
And celebrate of all the joy it will bring!
  • If you would rather not make your own invitations, but would still like a personalized touch, consider our Personalized Spring Invitations, which include all the party details for you! We also offer blank invitations that you can fill in yourself.
  • Whichever invitation option you choose, seal your envelopes with Spring Stickers to add a final festive touch!

Decorating & Food Ideas

Spring Party Decoration Ideas

Create a springtime atmosphere for your party with the following decorating ideas:
  • Use pastel colors (lavender, pink, pale green, yellow) for your main party decorations like balloons, streamers, and table covers.
  • Hang streamers from tree branches in the yard. They will float in the breeze and add to the party atmosphere.
  • Fill small clay pots with green pebbles and place a round lollipop in the center of each pot to resemble a flower.
  • Fill the party area with huge tissue paper flowers. See our easy Tissue Paper Flower Kit, or purchase your own supplies and use our instructions for making tissue flowers. Tie some finished flowers to the backs of chairs.
  • Use vases and watering cans to hold arrangements of fresh flowers.
  • Balloons are a must at every party! Tie groups of helium balloons together and anchor them with balloon weights. Add spring-themed Mylar balloons to a few of the bunches for added fun.
  • Hang a banner. Check out our personalized spring banners and let us do the work for you.

Spring Party Food Ideas

Get creative with your party food by serving theme-specific treats. For a Spring Party, consider the following ideas:
  • Use various cookie cutters to bake sugar cookies shaped like flowers, butterflies, bunnies, frogs, and birds. Set out small cups of colorful icing, sprinkles, candies, and other edible decorations and let your guests decorate their own cookies.
  • Serve chips, crackers, cookies, and candy in terra cotta plant pots lined with cloth napkins.
  • Serve fresh fruit kabobs by alternating chunks of pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, and slices of banana on wooden skewers.
  • Turn a vegetable platter into a Vegetable Garden by arranging the cut vegetables in little rows. Add a small metal pail filled with dip on one corner.
  • Serve "Flies on a Log" by filling celery sticks with peanut butter or cream cheese, and adding raisins on top.
  • Make green Jell-O frogs that won't melt by combining 4 envelopes of unflavored gelatin with 3 packages of lime-flavored gelatin in a large bowl. Add 4 cups of boiling water and stir until dissolved. Pour the mixture into a lightly greased 9" x 13" pan, and chill until set. Use cookie cutters to cut out frog shapes and add two mini chocolate chips for the eyes.
  • Make ladybug fruit treats by cutting a red apple in half, cutting out the core and seeds, and pushing chocolate chips point-first into the apple's skin. (Note: You may want to poke small starter holes into the apple first with the tip of a knife so it is easier to push in the chocolate chips.) Serve each ladybug on a leaf of romaine lettuce.
  • Serve lemonade with flower silly straws.
  • Make a simple spring cake with our spring-themed cake pans!

Party Favor Ideas

Spring Party Favor Ideas

Thank your guests with memorable party favors! To find a large variety of Spring party favors, visit our Garden party page and click the "Party Favors" tab or the "More Fun Stuff" tab. Some of the favors we have include:
  • Ladybug puppet craft kit
  • Butterfly nets
  • Sidewalk chalk and other craft supplies
  • Jump ropes
  • Mini bubbles
  • Flower cookie cutters
  • Stickers and temporary tattoos
  • Complete Garden favor sets
  • Personalized spring favors such as zipper pulls, stickers and bag tags

Party Planning Toolbox

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Games and Activities

Take-Home Garden

Guests will plant their own real gardens to take home.

Robin Egg Activity & Game

Children will love this activity and game combination that even ends with a bite to eat.

Beady Bug Craft

The children can make necklaces, bracelets, or key chains with this fun craft.

Pin the Bug on the Flower

Kids will enjoy this springtime version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Daisy Chain

Partygoers will have a great time playing this variation of Red Rover.

Watering Can Relay Race

Watch the children run to fill up a watering can in this fun relay race!

Spring Chicks Craft

The children trace their own hands to create wings for their baby chick in this fun and easy activity.

Bagel Birdfeeder Craft

With just a few supplies, the children create a simple birdfeeder to take home for their yard.

Flowerpot Toss

Guests toss plastic insects into a set of flowerpots in this fun game.

Sunflower Seed Flower Craft

Your guests can create their own flower to welcome spring with this fun craft for boys and girls!

Snake In The Grass!

Boys and girls will love this version of tag where they must slither on their stomachs.

Springtime Match Game

Guests try to identify items seen in spring before a timer runs out!

Wheel Barrow Race

Fill the wheel barrows with a few beach balls and start the race!

Origami Butterflies

Your guests will love making butterflies with this fun origami activity.

Ladybug Toss

Partygoers will have a blast with this combination game & craft activity.

Spring Coloring Page

Print out copies of our coloring page and let your guests decorate them.

Paper Plate Fish Craft

An easy and fun craft using paper plates to make a fish.