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Party Planning 101

Party Planning 101

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Planning a party can be a daunting task. Who should you invite? Where should you have the party? What supplies will you need? How will you keep your guests entertained? The questions are endless, but there's no need to fret! We've put together a series of party planning articles and checklists that will help you answer these tricky questions and plan a memorable party that your guests are sure to enjoy. Additionally, we've prepared a Children's Party Basics guide with planning tips and decorating, food, game, and craft ideas that are appropriate for any children's party, regardless of your chosen theme. Just click on one of the topics below or visit our Basics guide to start planning your party with ease!

If you're looking for theme-specific party tips, food and decorating ideas, crafts, and games, make sure to check out our 150+ theme party planning guides.

Party Planning Articles

Baby Shower Etiquette Learn the answers to common baby shower questions, such as who gives the party, who should be invited, and are showers given for 2nd or 3rd children.

Children's Party Etiquette Learn the answers to common questions about children's party etiquette such as how many guests to invite, how many games to play, what favors to give out, how to handle bad birthday behavior, when to write thank you notes and more.

When & Where to Have the Party Find out what you should consider before picking a date, time and location for your child's party.

Developing A Party Theme If you've decided to host a birthday party but don't know where to begin, start with a theme.

Birthday Cake Ideas Want to make a very special birthday cake, or a fun cake for another occasion? Then check out our recipes and themed cake decorating ideas.

Gift Opening Tips Turn gift opening into a fun, yet manageable, activity that your child and guests will both enjoy.
Converting to a Pull-String Pinata Turn any pinata into a pull-string version with these easy instructions.

Party Planning Q&A Read an expert party planner's answers to common questions like, "How many kids from my child's class should be invited to the party?" and more.

Party Planning Checklists

Baby Shower Planning Timeline Simplify the process of planning a baby shower with our handy timeline detailing what needs to be done in preparation and when you should complete each task.

Party Planning Timeline Wondering what to do and when to plan the perfect party? Simplify the process with our handy timeline.

Guest List Keep track of your invitees and their RSVPs with our printable Guest List.

Party Supply Checklist Use this list to make sure you have everything you need for your party.