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Neon Party Theme

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If you are looking to throw a bright and energetic birthday, this is the guide for you! This neon party guide is brimming with birthday ideas for a Neon theme party as well as tips for rainbow decorations, favors, invitations and more. Shop our Neon Party Supplies

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What Do I Need For my Neon Party?


In addition to basic neon party supplies, like plates, cups, napkins and decorations, you may want to consider purchasing, borrowing or renting the following items for your Neon party:

  • Neon stationery sets
  • Tie-dye activity kits
  • Glo-sticks
  • Temporary neon hair dye and accessories
  • Rainbow favors and party items

Neon Party Invitations


For a special touch, invite your guests to your neon party with our neon personalized invitations. Would you rather try your hand at making DIY invitations? Creative invitations build excitement and set the mood before the party even starts! If you have time to make your own, consider these suggestions for your neon party invitations:

    • Attach a card-style invitation to one of our personalized neon party supplies and hand deliver them to your guests. Our personalized neon invitations work great with this idea! Just punch a small hole in one corner of the invitation and attach it to the bag with matching curling ribbon.
    • Include an neon doodle sticker with your invitation and seal the envelope with a personalized sticker printed with the party info or a fun message!
    • Cut out butterflies from different colors of neon construction paper. Write your party details on the wings and add confetti to the envelope.
    • Ask guests to bring a shirt or other clothing article to tie-dye at your party if you plan on hosting a tie-dyeing activity. You may also want to ask each guest to wear a different color of neon clothing.
    • Decorate your card-style invitations with neon highlighters and stickers.
    • Seal your Neon party invitation envelopes with our personalized neon stickers filled out with your party info or a special message!
    • Try using a creative rhyme for your neon invitations:



We hope you’ll come and join us

For a party that’s bright and joyous!

We’ll make tie-dye shirts and have some fun.

Come celebrate with the birthday boy and everyone!

Party Invitation

Neon Party Decorations

Throw a bright and vibrant party with neon decorations like streamers, banners and balloons to transform your birthday party into a neon extravaganza! Here are a few tips on how to decorate for a neon party:

  • Welcome your guests to your Neon party with a personalized banner.
  • Make paper cutouts of rainbows and brightly colored hearts, flowers, and stars. The key here is getting some vibrant color on your walls!
  • Decorate with personalized banners that mention your child by name. Think of a special message that will bring a smile to his or her face.
  • Add bright colors to every aspect of your event from the balloons to the table centerpieces. Silk flowers, ceiling danglers, and pinatas all come in a bright variety of neon colors.
  • The 80s is a great decade to look at for neon inspiration. From video games to pop singers, neon was everywhere! Draw some great ideas from this rad decade.
  • Invite your guests to dress in their brightest outfits to match the fun neon theme.

Party Decorations
Ultimate Balloon Decoration Kit

Neon Party Food Ideas

Here are some of our favorite Neon party foods for your guests to enjoy!

  • Create A layer cake using a rainbow of colors! Bake each layer of your cake with different food dye to make a rainbow inside. You can also create a neon marble design the same way.
  • Serve up bright candies and drinks to match your neon theme. Many sweet treats come in a rainbow of colors. Look to licorice, candy dot buttons, and lollipops to brighten up your rainbow theme.
  • Fruits come in all colors of the rainbow. Serve up a fruit platter with vibrant and delicious fruits to match your colorful theme.
  • Rainbow pizza is a simple and tasty pick for your neon party food table. Use green peppers, yellow pineapple, and red pepperoni to make a colorful and tasty meal.
  • Use a star cookie cutter to create the base for a rainbow treat. Use neon icing and food coloring to add color to your baking.

Neon Party Favors

Send your guests home from your Neon party smiling with fun rainbow favors! Here are a few Neon party favor ideas:

  • Decorate plain color favor bags with The Neon symbols. Fill neon tote bags up with toys and candy favors!
  • Neon Crafts: Pick out some brightly colored craft supplies to create tons of fun art projects.
  • Shop our complete favor kits for hassle-free toys and gifts.

Neon Themed Favors        Value Favor Pack       Personalized Lollipop

Party Planning Toolbox

Use the links below to quickly find related theme party supplies, planning tips, printable checklists, and advice from our party planning experts.

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    • Parties Under $100: Use this guide to celebrate in style without breaking the bank!
    • Party Budget Estimator: Download this guide to help budget your expenses.
    • More Birthday Theme Ideas: Browse our list of over 130 themed party guides to find tips for your child’s next birthday! Each guide includes ideas for invitations, decorations, food, favors, games and more.


Games and Activities

Rock Star Crafts

Here are great ideas for a neon rock theme party.

Musical Favors

In this version of Hot Potato everyone gets a chance to win a party favor.

Mocktail Recipes

Make fancy drinks for all ages with these delicious recipes

Marbled Paper

Use neon paint to create psychedelic patterns that you can view with a black light.

Air Jam!

Have a Lip Sync and Air Guitar contest with your friends.

Rainbow Cake

Here is the recipe for the Rainbow cake mentioned in our Food Ideas section. Check it out!