1st Birthday Disney Cars Party Ideas

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1st Birthday Disney Cars Planning and Invitations

Your child has grown up faster than a racecar can zip around the track! Celebrate your baby’s first birthday with a Disney Cars party. Look to the tips and tricks in this 1st birthday party ideas guide for great suggestions on tableware, decorations, games, food, invitations and favors.

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What Do I Need For a 1st Birthday Cars Party?

Start off your event with basics like Car Party Supplies, decorations, and tableware. Use the suggestions below to get a bit more creative:

  • Disney Cars play figures
  • Baby toys and games
  • Toy cars
  • The Cars or Cars 2 movie DVD
  • High chair decorations
  • Toddler arts and crafts

1st Birthday Cars Party Invitation Ideas

Give your guests a sneak peek at your theme with Disney Cars invitations. Print personalized cards with all your party details or get creative with DIY crafts for a special start to your event.

  • Use personalized Cars favor to send a gift along with your invites. A small token can do a lot to get guests excited for your baby’s party. Use a personalized magnet to create a save-the-date reminder guests can hang on the fridge.
  • Attach personalized stickersto a Disney Cars toy or steering wheel cutout. Printing your party details on the sticker and then placing the sticker on a fun accessory is a great way to get your party started.
  • Cut a car shape out of red construction paper to make a Lightning McQueen character card. Write your party info on one side and decorate the other side with a lightning bolt shape, paper windows, and wheels.
  • Use a number 1 trophy to suggest a first birthday theme. Tie a card-style invite to the trophy cup for a fun announcement style.

Show off your creativity with fun invitation wording like the suggestion below:

On your mark, get set, go!

Race on over to Terry’s 1st birthday bash.

We will party with Lightning McQueen and all his friends.

When you come to join us, the fun doesn’t end!

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1st Birthday Cars Party Decoration Ideas

Rev up your first birthday decorations with fun Cars theme items. If basic decor like balloons, banners, and tableware isn’t making the grade, try some more creative car decoration ideas like those below:

    • Create a fun racecar photo prop from construction paper and cardboard boxes. Refer to our car costume craft to get started. Use lightning bolt shapes to match a Disney Cars theme.
    • Use toy cars as part of your decorations. Kids’ car toys can be used as balloon weights or table decor.
    • Hang lightning bolts and cutouts of the Disney Cars characters around your party area. Use construction paper to cut out yellow number one trophies and checkered flags.
    • Set up a race track in your own home! Lay butcher paper or masking tape on the floor to create a road. Place checkered racing flags around your walls and doorways to make your guests feel like they are in the bleachers!
    • Park your car out front and decorate it to look like Lightning McQueen, Mater, or another Disney Cars character. Glass markers and construction paper can be a great way to transform your vehicle into part of your race car decorations.

Cars Party Supplies

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1st Birthday Cars Party Food Ideas

Provide first birthday foods that will be enjoyed by adult and child party guests alike. Break off from the typical party fare of chips and soda with the fun Disney Cars party food ideas below.

  • Create steering wheel treats with mini pretzels and chocolate chips. Melt one or two chocolate chips onto the center of a mini pretzel and then press a chocolate candy into the center to make a wheel shape.
  • Build your own candy race car with candy, cookies, and other sweets. Use frosting or hot glue to keep your car parts in place. Look for round foods like sandwich cookie or peanut butter cups to make the wheels. Use a small snack cake or box of candy to form the body of the car. Get creative! This can also double as a fun candy craft!
  • Prepare two cakes for our child’s first birthday. One “smash cake” or cupcake and one sheet cake for your adult guests. Smash cakes are a fun way to let your child dig into their first birthday cake while keeping the inevitable mess contained. Be sure to take lots of pictures during cake time!
  • Create a car cake that looks like a Lightning McQueen or Finn McMissile. Bake a sheet cake, frost it in a color to match your chosen character, and use candy or icing to create lightning bolts, windows, and other details.
  • Serve up snacks you might find in a race car stadium! Popcorn, nuts, lemonade, and candy are fun and easy foods that are great light refreshments.
  • Give your Disney Cars party foods silly theme names like “Mater Tater Tots” and “Motor Oil Soda”. Make sure to place labels around your food table so guests can see your creativity.

1st Birthday Cars Party Favors

Looking for great Disney Cars favors and gift ideas? These racing items might just do the trick:

  • Personalized Cars favors
  • Toy cars and racers from Disney or Hot Wheels
  • Baked goods and candy for adults
  • Pictures of guests posed with the birthday child. Personalized frames will kick things up a notch
  • Mini trophies

To keep things easy, check out our complete car favor sets.

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Party Planning Toolbox

Use the links below to quickly find related theme party supplies, planning tips, printable checklists, and advice from our party planning experts!!


Games and Activities

Cars Coloring Page

Print these out for all the little racers to scribble on.

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

Make this fun and simple for toddlers to help them with their speaking skills.

Story Time

Take some down time and read a fun story to all the birthday boys and girls.

Growth Chart Craft

Make a Growth Chart for kids to bring home as a party keepsake that they can use for years to come.

Leader of the Band

Little ones will love to bang away on instruments and experiment with sound.

Bubble Games

Babies and Toddlers love bubbles. You can incorporate them into any party them!