Easter Party Ideas

Easter Party Ideas

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Make the traditions of coloring eggs and egg hunts in the backyard even more exciting by throwing an Easter Party for your little one and his or her friends! We have compiled ideas for Easter party games, invitations, food and more that will get everyone hopping with happiness!

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Planning & Invitations

What Do I Need For the Party?

In addition to basic Easter party supplies, like plates, cups, napkins and decorations, you may want to consider purchasing, borrowing or renting the following items for your Easter party:
  • An Easter Bunny costume
  • Egg coloring kits and eggs
  • Bunny-Ear headbands
  • A pinata
  • Plastic eggs
  • Small Candies to Fill Plastic Eggs

Easter Party Invitations

If you would like invitations with a personalized touch, consider our personalized Spring invitations which include the birthday child's name and all the party details for you! We also offer blank Spring invitations that you can fill in yourself.

Easter is the type of holiday that fosters creativity, so unique, homemade invitations are a fun way to get the party started. These ideas work for an Easter birthday party, Easter egg party, or general party for Easter.
  • Punch a hole in the corner of a card-style invitation, and tie it with>curling ribbon to one of our personalized party supplies . You will need to deliver them by hand or use padded mailing envelopes.
  • Include Spring stickers with your party invitation and seal the envelope with one of our personalized party stickers printed with the party details or a fun message!
  • Cut a large oval out of colored construction paper. Use strips of paper, glitter glue, markers, and stickers to decorate it like an Easter egg. Write your party details on the back.
  • Purchase large plastic eggs at a craft store. Write your party details on a slip of paper, fold it up, and place it inside the egg with a few jelly beans or other candy. For added excitement, place the egg in an Easter basket and leave it on your guest's porch.
  • Make an Easter Bunny invitation. Cut a circle out of white construction paper to serve as the face and two oblong strips to serve as the ears. Attach the ears to the top of the circle. Draw on the bunny's eyes, nose and whiskers with colored markers. Write your party details on the back, starting with "The Easter Bunny invites you..."
  • Cut the shape of an Easter basket out of yellow cardstock. Cut out other Easter shapes, such as eggs, small bunnies, small chicks, candy, etc., and paste them onto the basket, so they look like they are sitting inside. Write your party details on the basket or basket handle.
  • Include creative wording for your party details, such as:

    The Easter Bunny is hopping through,
    And he may have a surprise for you!
    So come on over for some Easter fun,
    We'll hip and hop until the day is done!

Decorating & Food Ideas

Easter Party Decorations

Create a hippity hoppity party area by using decorations that fit your theme!
  • Use pastel colors (pink, baby blue, lavender, soft yellow) for your traditional party decorations, such as streamers and balloons.
  • Group three to five helium balloons together and anchor them around the party area with balloon weights. Add some>polka dot balloons for something a little extra.
  • Hang a banner above the entrance to the party area that reads "Hop on Down the Bunny Trail..." Take a look at our personalized banners for inspiration!
  • Spread a line of Easter grass on windowsills and down the middle of tables. Place plastic or real decorated Easter eggs on the grass, along with jelly beans and foil-wrapped chocolate eggs.
  • Set out any stuffed bunnies or chicks your child may already have as decorations.
  • Cut large ovals out of construction paper, decorate them like Easter eggs, and hang them on the walls of the party area. For added fun, write one guest's name on each egg.
  • Purchase an Easter Egg tree and tie colored eggs to the branches. Use this as a centerpiece or set it up on a pedestal in one corner of the party area.
  • Hang an pinata in the party area that can be used as a decoration before the activity begins. Remember, you can transform any pinata into a pull-string with our easy instructions.

Easter Party Food Ideas

Ham is a traditional Easter food, so be creative in incorporating it into your party snacks! Here are some ideas:
  • Make ham and cheese kabobs, by alternating chucks of cooked ham and cubes of cheddar cheese on wooden skewers.
  • Make grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and cut them into fourths for finger food.
  • Serve egg salad sandwiches cut into Easter bunny and other spring shapes with cookie cutters or serve Deviled Eggs. Try adding food coloring to the yolks to add some festive appeal!
  • Make jello in bright colors (like raspberry, cherry, lime, and lemon) in a shallow dish. Use oval cookie cutters to cut out individual egg-shaped jello snacks for your guests.
  • Make an Easter Bunny Veggie Tray with lots of bright veggies like carrots, cucumber, red peppers, tomatoes, and broccoli.
  • Set out bowls of mashmallow peeps, foil-wrapped eggs, jelly beans, and pastel-colored mints.
  • Serve deviled eggs. (You can also make these as an activity during the party.)
  • Create an Easter Bunny Cake for dessert. First, bake two round cakes. Cut two oblong "ears" from one of the cakes, and place them on top of the other round cake (see diagram). Cover in white frosting. Make pink frosting with a little red food coloring and use it to create the inside of the ears and the nose of the bunny. Draw on eyes, eyebrows, whiskers, and freckles with black decorator frosting.
  • For young children, individual cupcakes may be more feasible than a full cake. An easy way to make Easter cupcakes is to frost your cupcakes in green frosting, and then sprinkle green-dyed coconut on top. Then, place a few jelly beans in the center to look like eggs.

Party Favor Ideas

Easter Party Favors

Send your guests home from your Easter Party with a basket full of goodies. Here are some Easter favor suggestions but you can also choose any of our complete favor sets as a gift to your party guest!

Party Planning Toolbox

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Games and Activities

Spring Chicks Craft

The children trace their own hands to create wings for their baby chick in this fun and easy activity.

Easter Egg Hunt Tips

Make your Easter egg hunt special with our fun tips to alternative egg-sploration!

Easter Coloring Page

Give your guests copies of our coloring page for a quiet activity.

Easter Word Search

As an ice breaking activity, give your guests an Easter Word Search.

PomPom Bunnies

Let your guests make cute little Easter bunnies to take home.

Robin Egg Activity & Game

Children will love this activity and game combination that even ends with a bite to eat.

Origami Butterflies

Your guests will love making butterflies with this fun origami activity.

Folded Treat Basket

This origami craft is easy enough for young children to do.