Despicable Me Party Ideas


Despicable Me Party headerInvite all the minions over for a party that will delight and entertain! Despicable Me is fun, silly, and up to the minute cool! If you and your little minions loved Despicable Me and Despicable Me II, celebrate the next birthday with all the animated fun of a Despicable Me party. We have loads of details on planning, invitations, decorations, games and more.

Shop ourDespicable Me theme for everything you need to create a Minion themed party. Below we have some great ideas for making your party one-of-a-kind but incorporating some DIY stuff along with the many that we sell here.

Read below for fun parties ideas:

Gru vs. evil is what Despicable Me is all about. Your party will be all good and no evil if you shop our Despicable Me themed party supplies for deluxe all-in one packages full of party basics like, plates, cups, napkins and table covers.

Despicable Me Invitations

Start the party off right with our Despicable Me Minion Invitations.

If you are creative and want to make your own invitation:

Cutout Minion
  • Make a minion from yellow construction paper or card stock.
  • Cut out white circles for the eyes.
  • Draw on goggles and faces with black marker.
  • Glue on "goggly eyes."
  • Cut out blue overalls and glue on Minion.
  • Write party details on the back.
  Use possible wording such as:

Calling All Minions

It's __________'s Birthday


It's Anything but Despicable at

______________'s Birthday Party!


We are Over the Moon for ___________'s Birthday

Blowup Minion
  • Purchase yellow latex balloons in medium size.
  • Blow up each balloon.
  • Using a black sharpie marker, draw minion goggles and faces and write out the party details.
  • When the writing is dry, un-inflate the balloon.
  • Place balloon in an envelope with a note instructing guests:

"Gru says, I'm afraid your invitation met my shrink ray. Blow up this balloon and join my Minions"

Another great idea is to host a movie party with Despicable Me as the theme. Consider sending a movie ticket invitation that you print out or make from card stock with the party details as the movie admission information. Have the guests bring the ticket to the party and you can rip it like they do in the theater. We have suggestions on how to throw a memorable Movie Party.

Despicable Me Party Decorations

A Despicable Me party is all about yellow, blue, black and white. The Despicable Me Decorating Kits have everything you need. Start with balloons which are an easy way to fill a room. Any yellow balloon can be a minion and you can write on the balloons or glue eyes and goggles or overalls on the balloons. We also have Despicable Me Balloons. Add black, yellow and blue balloons too enhance the look without digging into your budget.

Wall and Room decor:
  • Order a personalized Minion Banner to celebrate the occasion.
  • Some additional themes from the movie are unicorns, moons, ballet, kittens and fun weapons.
  • If you are hosting a party for a girl, consider decorating the party room to look like Agnes, Edith and Margo's ballet school with ballet slipper and barre decorations.
  • Make large cut-outs of minions, unicorns and kittens and attach to doors and walls.
  • A Despicable Me Pinata filled with party favors and candy can be both an activity and a decoration.
  • Remember, you can transform any pinata into a pull-string with these easy Pinata tips and tricks.
Setting the Table:

Of you're using solid color party ware, decorate in yellow, blue, black and white. If you'd rather decorate with themed party ware, check out our Despicable Me Standard or Deluxe kits. If you would rather go without a kit, the great thing about setting the table is how all of the tableware can be mixed and matched with solid colored napkins, cups or plates.

Other centerpiece ideas:
  • Water-guns
  • Moon cut-outs
  • Goggles at each place setting with a place card for each guest.

Despicable Me Costumes

Despicable Me Costumes

The cute and silly minions are the best part of Despicable Me. Dress your little one and yourself to fit right in with Gru, Agnes, Edith, Margo and Dr. Nafario. We suggest Despicable Me Costumes:

  • Female Minion Kids
  • Despicable Me Women
  • Minion Dave Kids
  • Mens' Gru Adult
  • Toddler Boys Minion
  • Toddler Girls Minion
  • Boys Minion Jorge
  • Minion Dave Foam Kids
  • Purple Minion Kids
  • Despicable Me Men's Dave

Despicable Me Food Ideas:

We have some cute party ideas for deliciously despicable treats:

Popcorn in Minion bags:

Serve your guests popcorn while they gather for a showing of Despicable Me. Popcorn will be easy to serve and eat if each guest has his own bag. Use yellow treat bags that you can decorate with marker before the party or have the guests decorate as an activity.

Each bag can easily become a cute minion using:
  • Yellow paper treat bags
  • Cut out eyes from white construction paper
  • Cut out silver circles from tin foil to use as goggles.
  • You can also simply use markers to draw on faces.
  • Cut out blue overall shapes from construction paper or card stock to glue on bag.
  You can serve traditional popcorn or some interesting Popcorn Mix -Ins:
  • Pizza popcorn - garlic powder, Parmesan cheese and oregano
  • Banana chips and chocolate chips
  • Pretzels, peanuts and M&M's
  • Twizzlers and pink sugar
  • Marshmallows and small graham crackers
  • Raisins and small grapes
  • Sweetened cereal of all types
Chocolate Goggles:
  • Store bought small chocolate frosted donuts
  • Skewer sticks
  • Gently push the stick through two frosted donuts carefully so as not to break the donut.
  • Keep the donuts close together to resemble goggles.
  • Place sticks vertically inside a sturdy jar with donuts sticking out.
Banana Minions: Bananas seem to be the favorite food of the minions. You can use whole bananas as part of the decorations, peel bananas and serve them in a fruit salad or make frozen chocolate covered bananas:
  • Peel fresh bananas
  • Cut them so that the bottom is flat and the top is rounded
  • Put a popsicle stick through the flat bottom. This is best to do while some of the peel is still on the banana so you have something to hold.
  • Melt chocolate or white chocolate using your favorite recipe. You can also use candy melts in various colors. Blue would resemble the overalls the minions wear.
  • Dip the banana in the chocolate.
  • Place the bananas on wax paper and freeze until ready to eat.
Marshmallow Minions

Marshmallow Minions

You can make millions of minions with this easy and fun recipe:

What you need:
  • Bagged marshmallows
  • Yellow cake icing or yellow candy melts
  • Blue fruit roll-ups
  • Black icing in a tube with a small tip
  • Brownies or cupcakes if you wish to use them
  • Allow marshmallows to harden slightly.
  • Cover marshmallows in yellow icing or melt the candy and dip the marshmallows in the chocolate.
  • When the icing or chocolate hardens, use black icing to draw goggles and faces.
  • Wrap the bottom of the marshmallow with blue fruit roll-up that has been sliced into thin strips.
  • Set marshmallows on a tray or put the marshmallow on top of a cupcake or brownie.

Despicable Me Party Favor Ideas

Shop our vast array of Despicable Me party favors for a variety of themed party favors.

Create your own party favor using yellow treat boxes decorated with Minion faces. Fill the box with:
  • � Water guns
  • � Stuffed unicorns
  • � Bubbles
  • � Lollipops

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Games and Activities

Pin the Tail on The Unicorn

Agnes loved her fluffy unicorn so why not use it in a variation of the classic children's party game.

Steal The Moon

Gru tries to redeem his credentials as a villain by stealing the moon. Your guests can do the same with this fun game

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Go Bananas!

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