Candyland Party Ideas

Candyland Party Ideas

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This party guide will help you create a rainbow world where rivers are chocolate and gumdrops grow on trees just like in the board game Candyland! There is a lot of room for creativity with this party theme, so we’ve organized ideas for invitations, decorations, food, party favors, and games below.

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Planning & Invitations

What Do I Need For the Party?

In addition to basic party supplies, like plates, cups, napkins, and decorations, you may want to consider purchasing, borrowing or renting the following items for your Candyland party: Cookie cutters, A cotton candy or popcorn machine, a chocolate fountain, costumes, candy crafts, and a pinata

Lunch Plates
Dinner Plates

For a thorough list of everything you’ll need to plan a great party, check out our suggested party supply list.

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Candyland Party Invitations

      • Attach a card-style invitation to a package of candy or one of our rainbow dots personalized party supplies with a length of curling ribbon by punching a hole in one corner of the Candyland invitation.
      • Include a Candyland sticker and some confetti with each Candyland party invitation and seal the envelope with a personalized party sticker with party information or a fun message on it!
      • If you are hand-delivering the invitations you can create and print custom candy bar wrappers with the party info and wrap them around a chocolate bar. For reference, an average size chocolate bar wrapper is 5.25 x 5.5-inches. You can also press a personalized rainbow party sticker printed with your party details onto an existing wrapper.
      • If you’d like to mail your invitations, wrap the party information around candy that won’t melt in the mail like Twizzlers, Laffy Taffy or even a box of jelly beans.
      • Include a color card from the Candyland board game with the invite and ask the guest to dress in those colors.
      • Write the party information on the back of a clean candy bar wrapper.
      • Have fun when you’re writing the party details and use wording like:

Come take a walk on Rainbow Trail,

To celebrate with great detail.

Megan’s birthday is on the board,

For a Candyland party you can’t ignore!

Decorating & Food Ideas

Candyland Party Decorations

Decorate in a rainbow of colors using a variety of solid paperware to create the entire spectrum. Accent each place setting with rainbow fruit snacks, candy bars or Jordon Almonds. Some specialty candy stores even sell chocolate plates that you can eat!

  • Set up tables in stations for games or food. Label them Peanut Brittle House, Lollipop Woods, Gingerbread Plumb Trees, Peppermint Forest, and Gumdrop Mountains.
  • Personalize each place setting with candy bars or lollipops.
  • Decorate the floor of the party area to look like the Candyland board game.
  • Separate M&Ms by color and arrange them in bowls to form a rainbow.
  • Have the adults at the party dress like Candyland characters to match the theme.


Candy Necklace
Sour Licorice

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Candyland Party Food

In addition to pizza, chicken fingers, hamburgers, or hotdogs, you can add some Candyland themed food into the mix. Here are some suggestions.

      • Cut sandwiches into gingerbread man shapes with a cookie cutter.
      • Arrange fruit and veggies like a rainbow.
      • Decorate cupcakes with different types of candy or have the guests decorate their own.
      • Serve candy apples, candy necklaces, rainbow goldfish crackers, cotton candy or rainbow cake.
      • Use licorice twists as drinking straws! Have guests bite the ends off the candy and the straws are ready to go!
      • For dessert, set up a Queen Frostine ice cream sundae bar. Provide vanilla and chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, cherries, nuts, fruit and candy toppings.

For the cake, you can ask your local grocery store if they have a Candyland themed cake or decorate your own using the board game as your guide. Use peppermint sticks, M&Ms, gum drops, licorice, almonds and other candy to inspire your creativity!

Party Favor Ideas

Candyland Party Favors


Thank guests for coming to your Candyland party with these party favors.

For more ideas, check out our selection of party favors.
Candyland Party Games

Arrange tables into stations that coordinate with the five Candyland areas (Peanut Brittle House, Lollipop Woods, Gingerbread Plumb Trees, Peppermint Forest and Gumdrop Mountains). Label each station as such. Use different colored table covers for each station to set them apart. During the party, you will need an adult for each station to give the children instructions. Adults can even dress up like Candyland characters! Kids can rotate stations every 20 minutes to fill 1 hour and 40 minutes of time. Below are some game ideas for each station, a free coloring page and more candy craft ideas!
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The Candyland name and all related characters and elements are the property of Hasbro Inc. This guide is not affiliated with or endorsed by Hasbro Inc.


Games and Activities

Candy Coloring Page

Hand out this free coloring page at your party.

Gumdrop Mountains

In this game, kids will try to build the highest tower out of gumdrops!

Peanut Brittle House

Using peanut brittle of different sizes and peanut butter, children can make delicious houses!

Peppermint Forest

Kids will play tic-tac-toe using candy until a champion is crowned!

Lollipop Woods

In this game of chance, kids will pass lollipops around in a circle until one child is the winner!

Gingerbread Plum Trees

Children will decorate their own gingerbread cookies!

Edible “Sand” Art

Fill a bottle with colorful layers of candy “sand” then eat it!

Ice Cream Cone Relay

Players pass cones filled with water down a line until their team’s glass is full.

Candy Airplane Craft

With just three types of candy, your guests can build their own candy airplane!

Edible Jewelry Making

Make jewelry from licorice strings, round candies, and cereal.