Parties Under $100

Celebrate in style without breaking the bank! With our inexpensive party supplies and some do-it-yourself ideas, you can throw a perfect party for your little one and seven of their friends - and spend less than $100! Need help budgeting? Our Party Budget Estimator does all the work for you!
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6 Ways to Cut Costs Without Cutting Value:

1. Hold the party at home.

2. Avoid traditional meal times by holding the party between 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. and only serve dessert.

3. Bake your own cake (or cupcakes) instead of purchasing premade treats.

4. Make and hand deliver your own invitations, or send electronic invites.

5. Ask a favorite babysitter or family member to help with games activities instead of hiring an entertainer.

6. Combine your child's party with a friend who has a birthday in the same month.
Additional Ideas


Start with our Standard Party Kit, which includes plates, cups, napkins, and more for 8 people, starting at the affordable price of $15.99. Or, consider using theme-matching partyware for the most important items, such as the cake plates, and less expensive solid colors for the other items, such as napkins and cups.
Affordable Favor Sets   Party Favors

Plan activities for your party that can also double as inexpensive party favors, such as baking and decorating cookies, making your own bubbles, or designing jewelry.


Quality invitations can be easily and inexpensively created with some construction paper and a little creativity. For example, for a farm party, cut out the shape of a barn and cut double doors in the middle so they actually open. Paste the barn onto another piece of paper. Print the party details on the page underneath, so they are revealed when the barn doors are opened.
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Games & Activities

Save on games and activities by using things you already have in your house, and adapting traditional games to fit your theme. For a farm party, play musical chairs with country music, hold an egg toss outside, host a ho-down Barn Dance, and play charades using words like "cow", "pig", and "tractor".


Traditional cake mix and frosting can become a theme-perfect cake with a little imagination! Our Cake Ideas page includes a variety of suggestions to get your creative juices flowing. Or try individual cupcakes instead of a full-sized cake to cut down cost.
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If you would rather not serve cake at your party, consider serving cookies and ice cream instead. Try our Sugar Cookie Recipe or Linzer Heart Cookie Recipe to start.
A Farm Party for Under $100   Decorations

Make the most out of the decorations that are included in your Standard Party Kit, and supplement them with basic latex balloons. Form a canopy by draping the streamers from the center of the ceiling out to the walls. Tie balloons in bunches of three and tie them to the backs of chairs. Utilize items you already have for other inexpensive party decorations. For example, when throwing a farm party, decorate with your child's animal figurines.


Try to make as much of the party food yourself, or enlist the help of friends and family. Veggie trays and fruit trays are less expensive when you prepare them yourself. Add pizazz to popcorn by letting guests add toppings of cinnamon, powdered cheese, salt & pepper, or chocolate sprinkles.

Browse through our Party Ideas Section for more theme-specific ideas, including invitations, games, activities, and crafts, for your next party! And don't forget to download our Party Budget Estimator to help you plan your expenses.