A first birthday comes once in a lifetime. To celebrate this milestone year, you want to create a party theme that best exemplifies your baby's developing personality. Many parents choose to match the theme of the nursery and do a 1st birthday with similar colors or characters. Others will center the party around baby's favorite toy or stuffed animal. Some popular choices are Mickey or Minnie, Winnie the Pooh and Sesame Street. These characters are loved by boys and girls alike.

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Animal themes such as safari and barnyard are also very appealing to the little guests. If you want to inspire future greatness in your child, an all-star sports 1st birthday party for a boy or a little princess first birthday party for a girl would be a great choice. They only way you can decide is to begin shopping on the following pages and see all of the selections for yourself.

When you have a 12 month old at home, life can be hectic and its not always easy to get out to shop. The last thing you want to do is run around town buying party supplies. You can get everything you need while your baby plays on the floor or while he or she is cuddled in your arms simply by shopping on our website. Everything from invitations to themed tablewear plus all of the décor, balloons and everything else that makes a party special is all right here. All you need to do is add food, drinks and cake.

Celebrate a 1st birthday with our adorable first birthday supplies and our party planning ideas.