Do you find yourself with an overwhelming desire for brains? Do you sometimes stumble about? Maybe a zombie costume is just right for you! Our zombie women's costumes are a great balance between a scary and sexy. Zombies have always been a fun addition to popular horror films. Classic zombie movies like 28 Days Later, Night of the Living Dead, and Dawn of the Dead are great cult favorites.

Zombies - Women's Zombie Pirate Costume

Women's Zombie Pirate Costume

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Zombies - Womens Zombie Bride Costume

Womens Zombie Bride Costume

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Zombies - Women's  Punk Zombie Costume

Women's Punk Zombie Costume

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Zombies - Women's Living Dead Adult Costume

Women's Living Dead Adult Costume

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Zombies - Zombie Housewife costume

Zombie Housewife costume

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Zombies - Evil Nurse Terminal Costume

Evil Nurse Terminal Costume

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Zombies - Shipwreck Sally Adult

Shipwreck Sally Adult

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The shambling undead have recently become more prevalent in popular culture thanks to shows like The Walking Dead, Zombieland, and Terentino's Grindhouse films. Whether you are a fan of the classics or are new to the zombie bandwagon, we have plenty of women's costumes to fit your preferences. For hair and makeup, keep your look scary by adding fake blood, scars, and smudges to your face. You hair should be messy too, so tease it out for an unkempt look or buy a zombie wig to get your look just right. Creating a couples costume is as easy as getting bitten by a zombie! Simply dress your partner or significant other in another zombie costume or have them be the frightened survivor. A chainsaw or toy gun prop can make the most of a zombie survivor costume. Whether you are looking for a scary costume or a sultry one, our zombie outfits are sure to be a scream at your next Halloween party. Buy your favorite today and spread the excitement!