Under $40

Even if you failed math in college, you know when spending a ridiculously large sum of money on a Halloween costume is not an option. If now is one of those times for you, you can still get a great look for a great price with our women's outfits below $40! You don't have to limit your choices just because of your budget; we have enough looks here such that every woman will find one that is perfect for her.

Under $40 - Native American Women's Costume

Native American Women's Costume

Our Price: $19.98
In Stock
Under $40 - Adult Angry Birds' Ice Bomb Bird Costume

Adult Angry Birds' Ice Bomb Bird Costume

MSRP: $49.99 Below Cost Price: $9.99
In Stock
Under $40 - Nun Adult Costume

Nun Adult Costume

MSRP: $19.99 Reduced Price: $19.99
In Stock
Under $40 - Adult Economy Elf Set

Adult Economy Elf Set

Our Price: $27.98
In Stock
Under $40 - Sultry Sorceress Plus Costume

Sultry Sorceress Plus Costume

Our Price: $22.98
In Stock

For the single gals among you, we have an abundance of great costumes that will shine all on their own! Whether you're a contemporary or classic kind of girl--or somewhere in between the two--we have the perfect ensembles that will grab the attention of everyone around you! Whether you're dressed in a scary zombie or vampire outfit or you choose to wear a superhero or retro style costume, you'll be the girl that nobody can ignore!

Girls in a relationship can have some Halloween fun, too! We have a number of great group and couples costumes for those who love a great theme. Scare the pants off of all of your friends with a Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees outfit that you can pair with a male counterpart, or go for a more fun look with food, cartoon, or movie couplings. It's amazing how endless your options are with just $40!

Don't let finances stop you from having a blast this Halloween by choosing an outfit from our selection of costumes under $40!