TV and Movie

TV and movies are a huge part of our cultural identity. Movies offer us action heroes, rock stars, and unforgettable leading ladies. Dress as your favorite character at your next Halloween costume party with a TV or movie costume. Superhero films have been popular in the past few years, and lucky for you we carry a wide selection of heroines from both major comic book franchises. Choose from superhero costumes like The Avengers, Batman and Spider-Man.

TV and Movie - Adult I Love Lucy Costume

Adult I Love Lucy Costume

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TV and Movie - Sexy Womens Lady Gaga Tuxedo Costume

Sexy Womens Lady Gaga Tuxedo Costume

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TV and Movie - Deluxe Marilyn Adult Costume

Deluxe Marilyn Adult Costume

Our Price: $23.90
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If action movie costumes aren't your style, browse our classic costumes for characters like Dorothy Gale, Wilma Flintstone, and Wednesday Adams. Try to match your hair and makeup to the character you are portraying. You may want to buy a wig to match your TV character costume. If you are going to a party with a significant other or good friend, why not create a couples costume? Wear character costumes from the same TV series or film for a great set of matching outfits. Don't just wear your costume, be your character! Act out your favorite moments with friends with the help of fun props like toy weapons or items from your chosen show. No matter what your favorite genre of movie is, we have plenty of options for you to choose from. Buy one of these movie costumes for your next Halloween party.