Thanksgiving is a great time for showing your gratitude for your family, friends and good fortune. Celebrate turkey day with a holiday costume like a turkey, Native American or pilgrim. A Thanksgiving costume is perfect for a play, parade, or theme costume party. An Indian costume or pilgrim costume is a great option for a Thanksgiving play or parade while a turkey costume is a great option for entertaining kids. This humorous costume option is also appropriate for parades and for surprising the kids around the dinner table.

Thanksgiving - Women's Sexy Native American Indian Deluxe Costume

Women's Sexy Native American Indian Deluxe Costume

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Thanksgiving - Sexy White Indian Costume

Sexy White Indian Costume

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Thanksgiving - Colonial Woman Adult

Colonial Woman Adult

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Thanksgiving - Turkey Costume Adult

Turkey Costume Adult

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When planning hair and makeup for your Thanksgiving costume, keep in mind the nature of your outfit. For a Native American costume, keep your hair loose or tie it into braids. For a pilgrim or colonial costume, keep your hair in a bun or accessorize with a bonnet. Makeup can be light and natural for either outfit. If you would like to dress for a group or couples costume, simply select a matching costume for your partner. Get together a group of your friends and you can reenact the first Thanksgiving in costume! Whether you are looking to perform or simply get a little silly for your next Thanksgiving, Buy one of these Thanksgiving costumes and start celebrating all you have to be thankful for!