Avast, all ye costume shoppers. You have found our buried treasure trove of fine pirate costumes! These women's pirate costumes are perfect for anyone with a sense of adventure to rival their sense of fashion. Pirate captains are masters of adventure on the high seas and have a commanding presence. Pirate wenches are a bit more flirty, but just as sexy as our sailor costumes.

Pirate - Womens Pirates Treasure Costume

Womens Pirates Treasure Costume

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What would a pirate queen be without her equipment? Add fun props and accessories to your pirate costume such as a toy sword, pirate hat, or pistols. Skull themed jewelry is also a pirate costume must-have. Keep your hair down to blow in the wind or tie your hair into braids for a serving wench costume. If you want to dress up with your significant other or a partner, turn your pirate dress into half of a couples costume. Pair your costume with a pirate or sailor costume. For an added element of humor, have your partner dress as a parrot or a ship! Whether you want to raid the ocean with ferocity or you want to sing songs as a tavern wench, we have plenty of options to choose from. Buy your favorite pirate outfit today and bring your booty to you next costume party.