Working women of the world, unite! A working woman is a sexy woman. Show off your strength and beauty with one of these fabulous occupational costumes. An occupational women's costume might include a French maid, police woman, flight attendant, or nurse. Any job you can think of is open for dressing up as! If you are looking to break away from your typical career, these job uniforms might be just up your alley.

Take on an exotic job by dressing up as a circus ringmaster or astronaut. When planning hair and makeup for your career costume, keep the nature of the job in mind. For a more serious profession like a firefighter or police officer, use understated hair and makeup. For a more glamorous job like a movie star or lion tamer, use bright and dramatic hairstyles and makeup application. If you would like to add another costume to your for a couples costume, consider a men's costume form the same profession. Pair a nurse and doctor, a carpenter with a plumber, or a lion tamer with a lion. Whether you are looking for an exotic career or just a change from your usual, buy one of these occupational costumes for your next Halloween party!