Nurses are a classic Halloween costume for women. Nurses and doctors have regained a presence in popular culture with help from shows like Grey's Anatomy and Heart of Dixie. Sexy nurses are a long-standing, timeless women's costume that is perfect for someone who wants to show off their flirty side. We also carry more accurate nurse uniforms and scrubs for women who want a more serious costume. These medical costumes are perfect for a Halloween costume party or a play.

Nurse - Head Nurse Adult Costume

Head Nurse Adult Costume

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Nurse - Naughty Nurse Costume Adult

Naughty Nurse Costume Adult

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Nurse - Sexy Head Nurse Costume for Women

Sexy Head Nurse Costume for Women

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Nurse - Sexy Women's Zombie Nurse Costume

Sexy Women's Zombie Nurse Costume

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Nurse - Hospital Honey Adult Costume

Hospital Honey Adult Costume

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Accessorize with props like a stethoscope, syringe, or clipboard to add an extra level of detail to your outfit. When planning your hair and makeup, keep in mind the nature of your costume. For a naughty nurse costume, leave your hair down and add a cute nurse's hat. For a pair of scrubs, tie your hair into a bun or ponytail for practicality. If you would like to add your outfit to a couples costume, consider the men's costumes that you might find in a hospital. Your partner could dress up as a doctor, patient, or another nurse. Whether you want to go for a sexy costume with a short white dress or you are looking for a more modern feel with a set of scrubs, we have plenty of nurse and doctor costumes for you to choose from. Be sure to buy one of these great nurse costumes STAT!