Mermaids have captured the imagination of mankind for hundreds of years. Sailors sang tales of their beauty, authors have been inspired by them, and children are enraptured by their appearance in movies and books. Embrace the sea for your next Halloween costume party and choose one of these fin-flipping women's mermeaid costumes. Of course, you can't grow a tail, but these mermaid gowns are a close second.

Mermaids - Mesmerizing Mermaid Adult Costume

Mesmerizing Mermaid Adult Costume

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Mermaids - Women's Mystic Mermaid Adult Costume

Women's Mystic Mermaid Adult Costume

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Mermaids - Sexy Under The Sea Costume for Women

Sexy Under The Sea Costume for Women

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A tight fitted skirt makes up the mermaid tail and a bustier or bikini top completes the top of these outfits. When planning for mermaid hair and makeup, we suggest keeping your hair loose and flowing. Keep your makeup light and perky for a siren costume. Try adding an extra-long wig to your ensemble to capture the free natured spirit of a mermaid. If you would like to accompany a significant other to your party wearing a couples costume, consider a sailor costume or another mermaid outfit. Sea animals can also make good companion costumes. Accessorize your siren costume with seashell jewelry, tridents, stuffed sea creature toys, or fishing gear. Mermaids are a perfect costume choice for women looking to let their hair down and be as free as the ocean. Buy one of these mermaid women's costumes and bring some underwater enchantment to your next costume party!