Native Americans not only have their own deep history, but they played an integral role in the founding and early history of the United States. An Indian costume is great for a colonial play, a Thanksgiving parade or a Halloween costume party. Whether you are looking for a historical women's costume or a fun and flirty Native American costume to wear to a pow wow, we have tons of options to choose from. Most women's Indian costumes come in brown or beige tones with a fringe accent.

Indians - Women's Sexy Indian Costume

Women's Sexy Indian Costume

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Indians - Sexy Indian Hottie Deluxe Costume

Sexy Indian Hottie Deluxe Costume

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Indians - Indian Princess Teen Costume

Indian Princess Teen Costume

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Indians - Native Princess Teen Costume

Native Princess Teen Costume

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Accessorize your Native costume with a feather headband, beaded jewelry, leather boots. You might also consider adding fun props like spears, baskets, and staves to add an extra layer of detail to your ensemble. Wear your hair in braids with a patterned headband or purchase a long brown or black wig to top off your outfit. Keep your makeup light and natural or add war stripes to your cheeks with face paint. If you want your partner to get in on the fun, consider pairing up for a couples costume. An Indian dress can be paired with a colonial, Native American, or pilgrim costume for parades, plays, and holiday parties. Pick your favorite Indian costume, whether it be flirty or factual, and get back to the land at your next costume party!