Sometimes you aren't looking for a sweet costume, because spooky is just too much fun! Our gothic vampire costumes are perfect for the woman who wants to put a little bite into her next Halloween costume. These gothic costumes feature the seductive gowns and high collars of classic vampire costumes. Classic vampires are masters of seduction and intrigue and are often portrayed as women of good standing or nobility. Embody the elegant nature of these sultry vampires with our gothic gowns.

Gothic/Vampire - Lost Soul Gown Costume for Women

Lost Soul Gown Costume for Women

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Gothic/Vampire - Transylvania Temptress Sexy Costume

Transylvania Temptress Sexy Costume

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Gothic/Vampire - Street Vamp Costume for Women

Street Vamp Costume for Women

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Gothic/Vampire - Sultry Sorceress Plus Costume

Sultry Sorceress Plus Costume

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Vampire costumes add a touch of horror and sophistication to your look. The color palette for a vampiric women's costume is red, black and white, so keep this in mind when choosing accessories and makeup. Try to create a pale complexion by using face paint or a foundation a few shades lighter than usual. Accessories like fake fangs, blood, and bat wings can give your vampire costume a special extra touch. Try wearing a white wig with your outfit to make it pop. White will stand out from your dark dress and add an element of interest to your costume. Whether you want to look spooky or sexy, these gothic gowns are sure to be a hit at your next Halloween costume party. Be sure to buy one of these women's vampire costumes before they disappear into the night!