French Maid

We are happy to serve up these sexy French maid costumes for your next Halloween costume party! A French maid costume is a classic women's costume for anyone who wants to look great and show off their exotic side. The French maid stereotype is a well-loved and timeless look. Naughty maids are exotic and eager to please, and as such are incredibly popular in TV, movies and other pop culture venues.

French Maid - Women's Sexy Maid Costume

Women's Sexy Maid Costume

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French Maid - Upstairs Maid Adult Costume

Upstairs Maid Adult Costume

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These sexy serving girls are a fun costume for women who are looking to dust off their party shoes and have a good time. Maid costumes are typically black and white and feature a petticoat and apron. Other fun maid accessories can include a feather duster, fishnet stockings, serving trays, and a choker necklace. Add a black wig to your outfit for an extra level of detail. When planning for your hair and makeup, create dramatic eyes with fake eyelashes and deep eye shadow. Tie your hair into a messy bun or leave it loose to create a carefree look. Add a men's costume to yours to create a couples costume. Your partner or significant other might consider wearing a butler costume or rich playboy costume to match a servant costume. Be sure to buy one of these French maid dresses to clean house at your next costume party!