Once upon a time there was a beautiful shopper looking for the perfect fairytale costume. You might not have a fairy godmother or a knight in shining armor who is going to save you from your costume decision, but you do have a huge selection of fairytale costumes to choose from! These outfits include princess costumes, storybook characters, and cute ladies from nursery rhymes. Dress up in a flirty Red Riding Hood costume or a Little Bo Peep costume for a fun twist on children's classics. you might want to choose a princess costume such as our Snow White, Cinderella and other Disney princesses.

Fairytale - Peter Pan Adult Costume

Peter Pan Adult Costume

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Other classic storybook heroines like Alice in Wonderland can also make for fun costumes. Choose your props according to details from the story your character is from. For Red Riding Hood, accessorize with a picnic basket. Use a stuffed toy sheep for Bo Peep and a mirror for Princess Belle. Keep your hair and makeup bright and perky. Try curling your hair for a classic fairytale feel. For recognizable characters like Disney princesses, try to keep your look as close to the image in the movie as possible to make it easy to recognize your outfit. If you want to add your fairytale costume to a couples costume, have your significant other dress up as a prince, knight, wolf, or wicked witch. Choose another character from the same story so that everyone knows you are a pair. So whether you are on your way to grandmother's house for a sweet costume party or you are looking for something to wear in a play, be sure to buy one of these fairytale costumes and live happily ever after.