Fairy Costumes

Fairies are a mischievous bunch. They flit around forests and tales of renaissance towns causing trouble and tinkering with magic. Pick up a fairy costume for your next Halloween costume party if you want to show off your feisty side. We carry fairy costumes in both natural tones and bright colors. Earth-tone colored fairies are great for renaissance festivals and fantasy parties while brighter pixie costumes are great for Halloween or special occasions.

Colorful dresses are also great for Tinkerbell costumes, tooth fairy outfits, or stage production costumes. Accessories can make your fairy costume way more magical. Add wings, a colorful wig, leggings, and a magic wand to your ensemble for a more complete look. For fairy makeup and hair, go for an ethereal look with bright colors and glitter. You can either leave your hair down or tie it into an elaborate style to fit a quirky fairy personality. If you would like to use your pixie costume as part of a couples costume, have your partner dress as in a fairy or renaissance costume. Whether you want a copper fairy dress for a woodsy look or you want a brightly colored pixie dress, we have tons of options for you to choose from. Make your next costume party magical with one of these fairy women's costumes.