You might be too old to go trick-or-treating this Halloween, but that just means that you're old enough to enjoy an adult party with friends! This Halloween, celebrate all the fun things grown-ups get to do with our drinking costumes. Beer costume come in a variety of styles ranging from humorous to cultural costumes. Cultural beer maid costumes are perfect for drinking festivals like Oktoberfest or St. Patrick's Day while humorous costumes are great for friendly get-togethers and costume parties. White Russian costumes are a fun take on the drink by the same name and can be worn in reference to Russian vodka.

Drinking - Unisex Pint Glass Adult Costume

Unisex Pint Glass Adult Costume

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Drinking - Womens Black Russian Costume

Womens Black Russian Costume

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Drinking - Ladies Beer Mug Costume

Ladies Beer Mug Costume

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A beer garten costume is a fun outfit for Oktoberfest or a German theme party. Wear your hair in twin braids or keep it loose and wear light, natural makeup for a cute peppy look. If you would like to pair your beer wench costume with another outfit to create a couples costume, dress your partner in lederhosen and traditional German clothing. A professional beer pong uniform can be a fun men's costume to pair with your outfit as well. Whether you want to go funny or traditional, these beer girl costumes are just what you need for a drinking festival or Halloween costume party. Buy your favorite and keep it in your wardrobe to use at every beer festival you attend!