There's no place like home except for an awesome costume party! Dorothy Gale is one of the most beloved and recognizable characters from the silver screen. She's sweet, gutsy, and eager for adventure. If you are looking to relive Judy Garland's classic role with a Dorothy costume, we have plenty of styles to fit your budget! Our Wizard of Oz costumes are great for a Halloween costume party or a performance of the classic tale.

Dorothy - Dorothy Adult Plus Costume

Dorothy Adult Plus Costume

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Dorothy - Women's Sexy  Scarecrow Costume

Women's Sexy Scarecrow Costume

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Dorothy - Dorothy Teen Costume

Dorothy Teen Costume

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Dorothy - Wizard Of Oz Dorothy Adult

Wizard Of Oz Dorothy Adult

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If you are putting on a play or simply want to put together a group costume, we also carry other characters from the movie. Dorothy wouldn't have gotten too far if not for help from her friends the scarecrow, tin man, and cowardly lion. We have women's costume versions of Dorothy's companions as well as wicked witch costumes. The wicked witch has recently gained popularity with the hit Broadway musical Wicked, and would make a great companion costume to your Dorothy dress. When planning hair and makeup for your Dorothy costume, try to keep your look as close to the character as you can. Wear your hair in braids and keep your makeup light and natural with red lipstick. Ruby red shoes are also an important detail for your costume. Add red heels and a basket to your outfit to really look the part! Your dream costume doesn't have to be out of reach somewhere over the rainbow. Buy one of these Dorothy costumes before it melts away!