Disco Costumes

Celebrate those boogie nights and disco days with a fabulous 70s costume. Our disco costumes are just what the doctor ordered for a Halloween costume party or theme 70s party. Seventies women's costumes include rompers and coveralls, bell bottom pants, and some big hair-dos! Accessorize your disco costume with an afro or 1970s wig or tease your hair out for as much volume as possible. Peace sign jewelry, go go boots, or platform shoes can add an extra level of detail to your ensemble.

Disco Costumes - Women's Dancing Queen Adult Costume

Women's Dancing Queen Adult Costume

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Disco Costumes - Hippie Love Woman Costume

Hippie Love Woman Costume

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Keep your hair and makeup in line with 70s fashion. Big hair and vibrant makeup are perfect for a disco diva costume. Try adding fake eyelashes and bright eye shadow for a dramatic look. If you want to attend your next 1970s party with a friend or significant other, consider creating a couples costume. Some great group costumes for a 70s party include a disco dance team. Dress your partner in a leisure suit or hippie costume to match your look. Embody all the charm of Donna Summer or Aretha Franklin at your next costume party when you buy one of these disco costumes!