Any Halloween or costume party is a great excuse to let loose and bust a few dance moves. Embrace the opportunity with a graceful dancer costume. We carry as many styles of costumes as there are styles of dance! Whether you are looking for a groovy disco costume or a fantastic flapper costume, we almost certainly have something to fit your style. Try a sexy cha cha costume to show off your exotic side or go back in time with a sultry saloon girl costume.

When planning for your hair and makeup, do some research on the time period and culture your dance costume comes from. For a flapper costume, opt for a short bob hairstyle or a short wig. A more free style of dance like salsa or tango can be matched to a loose hairstyle and bright makeup. If you are planning on a cultural dance costume like an Irish dancer or Spanish dancer, keep your look traditional. Grab a dance partner and create a couples costume! Your partner can choose from tons of men's costumes in different dance styles. Whether you want to go sassy or sultry, we have the perfect dance costumes for you! Be sure to buy your favorite before these offers dance away!