Dressing up for a Halloween or costume party can be fun, but dressing up with a partner or significant other is twice the fun! Couples costumes add a bit of humor to your outfit. Some classic couples costumes are a plug and outlet, salt and pepper, and male and female USB ports. You don't have to dress as the exact same thing to make your couples costume work. Try picking costumes from the same theme, decade, or TV show.

You can also dress as a famous couple. Cinderella and Prince Charming, Sonny and Cher, and Bert and Ernie are all famous couples that are easy to dress as for a couple costume. If you are going for a more generic Halloween costume pairing, try dressing as a pair of hippies, 50s greasers, or a cowgirl and boy. Nearly any theme is open for a paired costume, and we carry hundreds of options for you and your partner! When selecting accessories for the women's costume, try to fit the nature of the costume. Elaborate jewelry might not be appropriate for a sports or western theme, but you could bejewel yourself for a vampire costume or renaissance outfit. Make sure everyone at your costume party knows who you came with when you buy one of these fun couple's costumes.