The circus is full of all kinds of great amusements and entertainers. There are magicians, gymnasts, wild animals, and goofy clowns. Put a little fun into your next Halloween or costume party with a women's clown costume. Clowns are an embodiment of jokes, tricks and mischievous behavior. Traditional clowns are colorful and goofy while renaissance jesters and harlequin clown costume tend to come in black, white and red. Whether you are looking for a kid-friendly women's costume or you want to spice things up with a sexy clown dress, we have more options than you could fit in a clown car!

Clown - Marvelous Mime Sexy Costume

Marvelous Mime Sexy Costume

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Clown - King's Jester Adult Costume

King's Jester Adult Costume

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Clown - Womens Playtime Clown Sexy Costume

Womens Playtime Clown Sexy Costume

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Clown - Women's Sexy  Clown Costume

Women's Sexy Clown Costume

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Clown - Party Clown Costume for Women

Party Clown Costume for Women

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Try pairing your clown suit with a rainbow colored wig and a pair of oversize shoes for a classic clown look. A red ball nose and colorful face paint are also great matches for a clown costume. The costume isn't all there is to being a clown. Make sure you get the whole look by accessorizing with a seltzer bottle, silk flowers, scarves, and other trick props. If you really want to go the extra mile, teach yourself a basic magic trick to perform at your costume party to impress the other guests. If you want to pair your outfit with another to make a couples costume, try to keep your partner's ensemble within the circus theme. Your significant other might want to dress up as a lion tamer, ringleader, or a sideshow attraction. Whether you want to look silly and sexy or are looking for a more modest outfit, be sure to buy one of these women's costume for your next appearance in the center ring!