The holiday season is a time for good food, friends, family, and giving. Give yourself a special gift this Christmas from our selection of Christmas costumes. Holiday costumes are perfect for a theme party, Christmas play, pageant or parade. Christmas costumes include angels, caroler outfits, religious costumes, and Santa suits. If you're looking to show off your spunky side, slip into an elf costume.

Christmas - Women's Stocking Stuffer Costume

Women's Stocking Stuffer Costume

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Christmas wouldn't be the same without elves. Santa Claus needs them to run the North Pole and movies like Will Ferrell's Elf have pushed them into the limelight. Elf outfits are also great for charity events and delivering presents as Santa's helper. If you are looking for a sexy Christmas costume, we suggest a red Santa dress or snow angel costume. Mrs. Claus is a fun holiday costume option for women who want a more traditional look. Add a white wig and reading glasses to your Miss Claus costume. When planning hair and makeup, keep the nature of your costumee in mind. An elf costumee will do well with bright, peppy makeup while an angel costume is a great opportunity for simple, natural makeup. Whether you want to be naughty or nice this holiday season, we have tons of options to put under your Christmas treee. Hand out cookies or perform a Christmas pageant in one of these spectacular women's costumes.