Rah rah, siss boom bah! Shake your pom poms and do a flip for this great selection of cheerleader costumes. Our cheerleader uniforms are great for a Halloween costume party or sporting event. A cheerleading costume is perfect for anyone who wants to show off an athletic side with a perky attitude. Cheerleaders spur sports teams on to victory and whip crowds into a fun frenzy.

Cheerleaders - Pink Cheerleader Kit

Pink Cheerleader Kit

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Cheerleaders - Sexy Charming Usa Cheerleader Costume

Sexy Charming Usa Cheerleader Costume

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Accessorize your cheerleader uniform with pom poms, tennis shoes, whistles and bullhorns to add an extra level of detail to your outfit. Keep your makeup and hair plan in line with your cheery attitude. Cheerleader makeup should be light, natural and perky while hair can be tied into a ponytail. If you would like to add a men's costume to yours to create a couples outfit, try keeping it in a sports theme. Your partner can wear a sports costume, referee uniform, or another cheer costume. Whether you want to cheer on a specific sports team and need a matching uniform or you simply want to show off your athletic side, we have plenty of options! Be sure to buy one of these cheerleading costumes to put yourself at the top of the party pyramid at your next Halloween get-together!