Superheroes use them to fly, vampires use them to stalk their prey in the night, and wizards use them to conceal their magic items. Capes and robes are the perfect accessory to add to any women's costume. Red capes are a great addition to vampire dresses, while white capes are a great match for ghosts or Christmas designs. Renaissance dresses might also use a hooded cape to enhance the mystique of the outfit.

Capes/Robes - Pride Cape Costume for Unisex

Pride Cape Costume for Unisex

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Capes/Robes - Womens Deluxe Velvet & Satin Cape

Womens Deluxe Velvet & Satin Cape

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Robes are only part of what makes a great ensemble. After you have chosen the perfect cape, be sure to buy the other clothing pieces you need to complete your look. Long satin gloves, corsets, and Victorian fashions can be paired with one of our capes to create a seductive noble lady or vampire costume. If you are looking to match your caped look to your partner’s for a fun couples outfit, consider matching superheroes, vampires, or gothic nobles. Try to get your robes to fit your personality. Short capes give you a young, flirty look while long capes give you an elegant and majestic flair. No matter what you choose to add your cape to this year, you can use it again and again for future events.

Add one of these elegant capes or robes to your Halloween plans and you'll have a women’s costume piece you can use for years to come!