We're sure our adorable bee, butterfly and bug costumes will get your heart aflutter! Bee costumes are a classic women's costume that are great for Halloween parties and theme parties. Bug and butterfly costumes are bright, festive, and can be used over and over again. Make sure you accessorize your insect costume with antennae headbands, colorful scarves, and wings to complete your look. If you want to create a unique outfit, buy individual costume pieces as you need them.

A colored wig can add a cute touch to your ensemble. Keep a light and natural feel to your hair and makeup. You might consider using fun yellow and black eye shadow for a bee costume or polka dot designs for a ladybug costume. If you want to attend your party with a significant other, try dressing up together! If your partner doesn't want to dress up as a bumble bee or creepy crawly bug, there are plenty of other options. Match your bug costume to a bug collector, bee keeper, or bear costume to appease a bug-opposed partner. Whether you want to dress as a buzzing bee, flitting butterfly or another beautiful bug, we have awesome options just for you. Buy your favorite bug costume before you flit off to your next costume party!