Get back to nature for your next Halloween costume party with one of our animal costumes. These women's costumes are a fun and furry option for ladies who want to show off their wild side. The section of women's costumes features sexy animal costumes such as dogs, cats, and foxes. If you want something more exotic than a typical house pet, choose an animal outfit for a unicorn, peacock, or zebra outfit.

Depending on the nature of your animal, you might want to adjust your makeup application. For an extravagant peacock or flamingo costume, use bright dramatic eye shadow. For a domestic animal costume like a dog or cat, use light, natural makeup and draw in whiskers with eyeliner or face paint. If you would like to create a couples costume for your animal outfit, get your partner to dress as a similar animal. Dogs match well with cat costumes, peacocks match well with swans and bird costumes, and unicorn costumes match with dragon costumes and other magical beasts. Whether you want a sexy animal outfit or a fun and fuzzy critter costume, you'll be sure to find something to fit your style here. Be sure to buy your favorite animal costume for your next Halloween party.