70's Costumes

The 1970s were a decade fueled by disco beats and free love. Add a little bit of flower power to your next Halloween party with our selection of 70s costumes for women. Whether you are a disco diva or a certified hippie chick, your outfit is sure to scream seventies to anyone on the guest list. Disco queens like Donna Summer and Aretha Franklin made groovy music that defined the era. Find a leisure suit, bell bottoms, or a disco jumper to make the base of your 70s costume.

Accessories like a huge afro wig, peace sign jewelry and platform shoes can make your 70s women's outfit even more exciting. If you are planning on going a more peace-loving route, select one of our women's hippie costumes. Add flowers and tie-dye accessories to your ensemble to make it even better. If you would like to pair your look with a men's style, get your partner to pick out a leisure suit or disco dancer shirt. When planning hair and makeup for your seventies costume, the bigger the better! If you aren't planning on buying a disco wig, tease your hair out to get extra volume. Apply bold eye shadow to complete your look.

Buy one of these 70s costumes to look your grooviest at your next party!