50's Costumes

The 1950s were a great time for sock hops, ice cream shops, diners, and drive-in movies. Bring some of that charm to your next Halloween or theme party with a 50s costume. Women's costumes for a 50s theme party usually feature poodle skirts or fabulous housewife dresses. For the more rebellious, try donning a scarf and a hip jacket a la The Pink Ladies in Grease. You can also have some fun dressing up as something a little more specific.

Try a 50s bowling uniform or car hop dress. If you would like to pair your women's costume with your significant other's costume, try a matching 50s costume. For example, if you are going to wear a poodle skirt, have your partner wear a greaser jacket. When planning your hair and makeup for a fifties costume, consider the styles of the decade. Hairstyles tended to require a lot of hairspray and had a bit of volume. You might want to purchase a 50s wig to get your look just right and avoid torturing your own hair. Makeup can be light and natural, but you might want to apply a fun, bright eye shadow for more rebellious costume styles. If you want to be the cutest lady at the sock hop, buy one of these 50s costumes without delay!