Thanksgiving Costumes

Celebrate this Turkey Day with our Thanksgiving Costumes for adults and kids. These holiday outfits feature dresses, tunics, and pilgrim suits to help men, women and children fit a fun Thanksgiving theme. Pilgrim and native American looks are two of the most common and popular styles for this holiday. Pilgrim styles usually use a colonial settler design with a blue or black suit with arm cuffs and knee high socks. Indian outfits feature an old west theme that draws inspiration from traditional styles of tunics and leather clothes. Fringe details and beading are often a part of these fun Native American fashions.

Thanksgiving is a celebration of the United States' beginnings and of all the things in our life we can be thankful for. Many community groups and schools host plays and parties in celebration of this patriotic holiday. The first Thanksgiving is said to have been held with both the Native Americans and pilgrim settlers. The day celebrated the harvest and all the food and warm homes they had to be thankful for. As the holiday has grown, families and friends have created their own meaning in the traditions they host. Create some of your own holiday traditions for a festive event that is all your own. Use arts and crafts to make pilgrim hats and feather headbands, list all the things you are thankful for, and bake party foods together with family and friends for a great celebration.

Your friends will gobble up the great looks you find in our adult and kids Thanksgiving costume selection.