Teen Vampires costumes and Gothic outfits are a staple of spooky Halloween fun. For decades, these creatures of the night have been fueling nightmares and filling story books. Recently vampires have been cropping up in popular culture as teen hunks. Shop for the costume you really want and one that your parents will think has a great low price. Whether you want a Bella and Edward look or a more classic vampire style, these gothic teen costumes are perfect for anyone who wants to unleash their darker side.

Little Dead Riding Hood Young Adult

Little Dead Riding Hood Young Adult

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A dark angel costume or dark fairy dress are great matching costumes for your vampire outfit. Get a bunch of friends together for a group costume to attend your next Halloween costume party or school event. Accessorize your vampire costumes with fun props like fake blood, weapons, Victorian style jewelry, or a red cape or hooded cloak. A stark black wig or bright red lipstick can help you add a level of detail to your gothic costume. Try to keep your entire ensemble in a red and black color scheme to fit a vampire look. Boy costumes look great with pale face paint and girls might want to add bright rouge to their cheeks.

Whether you want a scary costume or a sophisticated outfit, we have tons of vamp costumes to go batty for. Pick your favorite today for your next Halloween costume party!