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TV and movies are a great source for hot and trendy teen styles. If you are a fan of shows like the Walking Dead, The Avengers, classic cartoons, or horror films, then this selection of TV and movie costumes is right for you. Our teen movie fashions include all your teenager's favorite characters and some old classics as well. If you love action movies, dress in a superhero suit or pirate outfits. For comedy TV costumes, shop from our options like Scooby-Doo, The Addams Family, and children's movies. Classic horror film options include villains like Jason and Freddy and are perfect for putting some spookiness back into Halloween.

Teen Arrow Deluxe Costume

Teen Arrow Deluxe Costume

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If you are trying to wear matching TV show outfits for a group of friends, simply wear items from the same cast of TV characters. This way, each friend can wear a unique movie ensemble while still fitting with your theme. Accessorize for a teen movie costume with props from your chosen movie. Action movies usually call for props like swords, guns, superhero gadgets, and capes. Cartoon looks can be accessorized with white gloves and themed props.

Act out your favorite TV drama or have a good laugh in a classic cartoon ensemble with our wide variety of Halloween options. Get into character for your party with your favorite movie character costume.