Your teen will gobble up these fun teen Thanksgiving costumes. Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks and surrounding yourself with family, friends, and good food. Remember the first Thanksgiving with Indian or pilgrim costumes. Holiday costumes are tons of fun for a Thanksgiving play, parade or theme party.

Thanksgiving - Colonial / Pilgrim Set

Colonial / Pilgrim Set

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Thanksgiving - Native Princess Teen Costume

Native Princess Teen Costume

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Thanksgiving - Indian Princess Teen Costume

Indian Princess Teen Costume

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Take the role of the first Americans with our American Indian costume accessories and dresses. Indian princess teen costumes draw their inspiration from authentic Native American outfits, but add a modern twist that your teen will love. Accessorize with moccasins, beaded jewelry, feathered headbands, bow and arrows, tomahawks and other toy weapons. Make sure you know your school's policies before bringing costume props to a school play or event. Thanksgiving was also celebrated by colonial settlers and pilgrims. Dress in a teen colonial costume and accessorize with a white bonnet, apron, and buckled shoes. Keep your hair and makeup modest to fit with a pilgrim costume. Indian costumes can have more free-flowing hair and makeup.

Teen boys can use the same genres and wear Indian or colonist costumes with toy weapons for accessories. If you need several matching outfits for a group costume, buy similar costumes and add unique accessories to individualize your look. Different jewelry or hairstyles can set you apart from the rest of your teen costume group.

Whether you are sitting down to your family dinner as a native or a settler, these teen Thanksgiving costumes will make your holiday a huge success!