20's Costumes

The 1920s were a decade full of American gangsters, flirty flapper dresses and dashing gentlemen. Stories like The Godfather and The Great Gatsby are great inspiration for a teen 20s costume for a Halloween party or school event. Girls will love our flapper costumes which embody the marvel of the roaring twenties. Accessorize for a flapper dress or a gangster costume with fun 20s costume props.

Teen Flirty Flapper Costume

Teen Flirty Flapper Costume

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Try props like a feather headband, pearl necklace or feather boa for a flapper costume. Pair your gangster teen costume with a violin case, toy guns, or pinstripe fedora. Your teen girl doesn't have to stick to a flapper outfit. Your teen girl will look fabulous in a dashing gangster costume. Keep your hair and makeup in line with 20s fashion. Check online images for a reference picture to keep your outfit as close to the twenties look as possible. Whether you want a fun and sassy 20s teen costume or a fierce teen gangster outfit, you are sure to find exactly what you need for a Halloween event or school festival. Twenties teen costumes are also a great resource for 1920s theme parties.

Be sure to buy your favorite 20s teen costume and you will be the cat's pajamas at your next party!