Avast and ahoy, costume shoppers! If you have a rowdy scalawag in need of a teen pirate costume, we have plenty of wonderful options for your next Halloween costume party or theme event. Our selection of pirate costumes is perfect for boys or girls and makes for a fun outfit you can really get into! Accessorize your pirate outfit with props like a fake sword, bandana, pirate hat, and guns. A pirate wench costume looks great with high heel boots, belts, corsets, and gold earrings.

Pirate - Teen Pirate Babe Costume

Teen Pirate Babe Costume

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Pirate - Pirate Cutie Tween Costume

Pirate Cutie Tween Costume

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Your teenage boy will get a hoot out of a fake pirate beard, stuffed parrot, or eye patch prop. A lot of these sailor costume accessories can be used for any pirate captain costume, so feel free to add them to your costume. If you would like to get your friends together to form a pirate crew, simply wear matching teen costumes. There are tons of different styles of pirate outfits so you and your friends can match the same theme without wearing the exact same outfit.

Regardless of whether you need your pirate outfit for a school parade or a fun night out trick-or-treating, you will certainly find the perfect fit for your teen costume right here. Be sure to pick your favorite pirate costume and have a swashbuckling good time at your next Halloween costume party!