The armed forces are an inspiring group of heroes. Whether you are a fan of the army, navy, or other service branch, you can be sure to find a great teen military costume to fit your style. Your teenager might be too young to enlist, but that doesn't mean they can't support the troops with one of our military costumes. Our military teen costumes are perfect for boys who want a buff soldier outfit. Recruit one of our soldier costumes for your next Halloween costume party or school event. Not every military uniform has to be serious.

Pick a humorous costume that includes a jumbo mask or muscle shirt to add a bit of the ridiculous to your ensemble. Other fun accessories for a military teen costume include dog tag necklaces, face paint, camouflage clothing, boots, and a utility belt. Fake guns and other weapons can also be a fun addition to your costume, but make sure you check policies if you plan on bringing them to school event. Get a bunch of friends together to create a group costume. Wear a bunch of army uniforms to create a whole regiment of fun!

Funny or serious, Army or Navy, take you pick from our wide variety of teen military costume for Halloween. When you shop with us, you are in command and will with follow your orders!