If your teenager is looking for a stunning siren or mermaid teen costume, buy them something to set their heads swimming with joy! Mermaids have enraptured sailors and schoolgirls alike for years. Sirens enthralled Greek sailors while more modern mermaids can be found in stories like Harry Potter and original movies. Our selection of mermaid costumes is great for teen girls who want to make a splash at their next Halloween party. These flashy mermaid dresses feature a swishing design that resembles a fish tail.

Accessorize your mermaid outfit with nautical props like seashell necklaces and jewelry, netter headbands, and a trident. These fishy teen costumes are perfect for a beach party or ocean themed party. If you want to dress up with your friends, create group ideas out of matching beach costumes. Everyone doesn't have to be a mermaid to fit your theme. Try dressing up as different sea creatures like a fish, octopus, or turtle for a fun addition to your mermaid theme.

Whether you want to be a sassy siren or a beautiful mermaid, we have plenty of options that are sure to make a splash at your next Halloween party.

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