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If you have a hip teenager at home who simply has to have the latest trends in everything, we have got your back. This selection of trendy teen costumes is full of the hottest Halloween outfits from TV and pop culture. We also carry tons of classic costume themes in new and popular styles that are sure to be a hit at your teenager's Halloween costume party or school event.

Hottest Trends - Teen Girl Rag Doll Costume

Teen Girl Rag Doll Costume

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Hottest Trends - Skeleton Sweetie Girl' Costume

Skeleton Sweetie Girl' Costume

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Hottest Trends - Teen Junior Cupcake Girl Costume

Teen Junior Cupcake Girl Costume

MSRP: $44.99 Clearance Price: $27.98
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Try sassy and fashion forward teen costumes in the style of vampires, witches, and angels in stylish dresses. For more trendy costumes, try our Glee cheerleader costumes or a Hello Kitty dress. Try to fit your hair and makeup to your outfit. For a fun and perky costume, use light and natural makeup. For a dark horror costume, use darker shades and dramatic application. Accessorize your popular costume with fun items like extravagant earrings, wigs, stockings, shoes, and props. Try props like pom poms, microphones, necklaces, and theme clutch purses depending on your teen costume. If you want to dress up with friends, create a group costume out of matching outfits. Simply find a hot trend you all enjoy and dress in matching costumes from your chosen TV show or theme.

Anyone that considers themself a fashionista always makes the extra effort to pick a costume that is in style and based on trendy pop culture. You'll find the best trendy teen costumes for Halloween or theme parties.