Are you fascinated by history? Are you looking for a patriotic costume to celebrate Independence Day? Celebrate America and its storied history with these great historic teen costumes. Our selection of historic designs is a wonderful resource for holidays, theme parties and educational events. Wear a historical outfit for a Fourth of July play or parade. For a family affair, try one of our patriotic designs like an Uncle Sam suit or a Lady Liberty gown.

Colonial / Pilgrim Set

Colonial / Pilgrim Set

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Colonial costumes, on the other hand, are great options for President's Day or The 4th of July parade. These settler fashions feature buckled shoes, white wigs, and bonnets. Accessorize for a patriotic fashion with red, white and blue hats or other props. If you would like to dress up with friends, create a group ensemble from matching historic styles. Pilgrim and Indian outfits are great patriotic themed items for a party or Thanksgiving parade.

March in the next holiday parade or put on a play with one of these great patriotic teen costumes. We have historic styles to fit every budget, so pick your favorite patriot style and see fireworks at your next party!